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Locally owned and operated. Gusto Seafood is a full service purveyor of the finest quality fresh and frozen seafood products that the industry has to offer. Since our inception in 1979, we have been committed to our customer satisfaction, superior quality, and our inflexible policy of honesty and integrity.

Nick Spiak was a visionary in 1979 when he hauled grouper from the coast to Upstate South Carolina restaurants. Flounder, king crab and scallops were the mainstays of menus alongside steak and potatoes. But Spiak persuaded former Greenville restaurateur Vince Perone to give grouper a chance. He was soon hauling fresh fish from the coast on ice in coolers, in the back of a pick-up.

In the beginning, he made deliveries to 12 customers. Today, nine boxy, refrigerated seafood trucks with G.U.S. T. O. on the side deliver seafood to 165 restaurants. Your favorite seafood comes by truck or plane from not only the Carolina coast, but from Boston, New Zealand and South America, where it was either farm-raised or caught at sea.

Because his father emigrated from Ukraine, Spiak dreamed up the name “Great Ukrainian Trucker of Seafood” for his new company. Thankfully, his wife, Gladys, pointed out the acronym would read GUTS. So the name became, “Great Ukrainian Seafood Trucking Outfit – GUSTO”.
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